Sunday, April 2, 2017

Setting a Lunch Table

So this is an idea of the order of things the way we set them out.  I made this map because I just know I will lose my notebook.  I know what trays and utensils I have available.  And for the latest funeral lunch I requested four tables in a row instead of just 3 and it made such a difference.  The table was arranged so a line could go down either side and make it go quickly. I like a fast food line.  There was more room between the serving dishes and that seemed to make a big difference.
We also found that less choices can be better.  We did three kinds of meat.  One kind of cheese and one type of pickles which really simplify things.
One day I will add some links to the excellent pages that helped us arrange things.  In the mean time if you have to arrange something like this...make a plan. Make a map.  Makes things go smoothly.

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