Sunday, April 2, 2017

Drunk Bees

David phoned about the issue down at his compost pile. He said there were bees there so he thought he would donate them the remains of a honey pail as a little gift to their industriousness. 
To his surprise they totally ignored him. Most springs they are thrilled with it but today nary a one would even look at it.
He took a closer look at the situation.  He said they were drunk on rotten banana peels. 
He says they were flying in circles and doing loop-the-loops,  landing in the sawdust areas to roll down the slope or riotously kicking holes into the sawdust. He was sure they were giggling foolishly in tinny inebriated little voices. 
Appalled by the scandalous behaviour, he tells me they were the  sensible working class worker acting like teenagers on their first drinking party.

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