Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I Love Cement

Year before last I tried hypertufa and I was sorely disappointed when my creations crumbled away. So this year I bought the real stuff. A bag of post haste and one of mortar. Oh! Concrete heaven.
I can't help it. We have done a bit of concrete work about the place. We have round concrete steps at our back door. Our son was itching to try it... on someone else's concrete budget. It was worth the anxiety all the night before as I worried what would happen if the layered thin plywood forms burst through. They didn't.  
We have worked as volunteers on many a cement pour and I marvel at the way something like porridge can turn into something so durable.
But one can also make beautiful things with it. So. Here are some things.
This is the link to the excellent site that taught me this  


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