Friday, May 15, 2015

YIG aka Extra Foods

Well our local grocery store has brought in plants again and once again there was disappointment.  They set up a cunning tent to protect some of the plants but many are in a bad a shape as other years. The petunias looked great. They were getting watered. They had some neat patio plants. Palms and red maples and so on that would look incredible in the right place. Like by my front door. But a bit more than I am willing to pay for a plant with a dubious healthcare background. The perennials looked good but the tender little herbs were pathetically withered and some of the annuals were dry beyond redemption. But they were very fresh off the truck so I bought some pink petunias and an orange begonia and called it a day.
The trick is the same as buying African violets  and orchids from walmart and home depot.  The plant departments are understaffed and many of those who do work there don't seem to have the knowledge or time to care for the plants long term. So be it. It's not like I have never killed a plant. Who am I  to point a finger? 

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