Saturday, May 16, 2015


I forgot my phone in the vehicle when we went into Costco so I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the plants. It's a cold windy day so our pass through wasn't really pleasant but the flowers were nice. A bit windblown and shivering but they are all outside.
A tall husband is a fine accessory for finding the plants you want off the very top shelves.
We chose red geraniums and yellow dahlias. I bought white nicotina at Barrhead Greenhouse for a bit of white sparkle.
Greenhouses like Shelley's and Glamery  "spoil" their plants and because they don't have millions of pots they can fuss over them more.
But not every greenhouse carries everything  for the same price so we go forth to get the coolest plants where we can find them. And if I can go back to Shelley 's just one more teensy little time...
These are the plants we got.
The purple and red wave petunias are for a stand alone pot.

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