Friday, March 30, 2012

No Wrinkles, Please

A trick I learned from my daughter-in-law whose mother taught her...if you tape your quilt backing onto the floor with packing tape, you can pull it tight, smooth, and keep it that way until pinned. Then you can carefully lay out the innards of the quilt, and place the top on.  Pin or baste, and you are ready for quilting.  The simplicity of it is only surpassed by how well it works. 

This is the center of the quilt.  I was going to machine quilt it and add borders later, but I ended up hand quilting by the fireplace instead. Now that is done, and I need a free day to sew up the borders and attach them.  I love all the batiks I used in it; the colors are rich and varied.  Much of the fabric was from Connecting Threads, an internet shopping site that a few of us take great delight in perusing and ordering from.  I love the five inch squares, as they are precisely cut, and cutting accuracy is not one of my crowning glories, but I can sew a half inch seam reasonably accurately.

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