Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bamboo Bag

So, given the gift of fabulously beautiful fabric, with leaves, and bamboo, and gold edging, I decided to quilt myself a totebag.  It turned out wonderfully capacious; more of an overnighter than the everyday item I had envisioned, but it's perfect for holding things on a daytrip, too.  My husband said, "My goodness, what are you going to carry in it?"  Well, something like where does the 2000 pound gorilla sleep? Anywhere he wants.  So my list included wallet, camera, ipod, Roxanne the GPS, a large bottle of pop, a towel in case I want to go swimming, gifts for the grandchildren, snacks, and pretty well anything else I want to.  It turned out so well I want to make an everyday bag half as tall, with shorter handles. 
Back pocket on bag

front of bag

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