Thursday, October 13, 2011

Comfort Food...Gelatin Dessert, better known as Jello

Something I don't make very often is "Jello" dessert.  It always surprises me when company reacts in a very happy way to eating something we had a lot of as a child. Served with whipped cream, dream whip, or vanilla ice cream, it is something that brings back good memories of childhood. The donuts in the picture, I regret, were not home made. When renovating a house, donuts are not overly convenient to make.  The pampered chef utensil in the picture was used to stir the jello; it is actually a potato masher, and contrary to appearances, works very well.  My friend Karen introduced me to it, and I liked it so much that when I saw the Pampered Chef car in the grocery store parking lot I left my name and number on a sticky note pasted to the drivers side door.  I don't generally do cooking ware parties because I don't really need all those things I would love to have, but this one I don't regret buying in the least.

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