Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet Dinner Buns

Sweet Dough
This is just the list of ingredients; if you are new to making bread you must find the technique elsewhere. Unfortunately I forget to write down how to because this particular thing has been with me long enough to be second nature. 
2 Tbsp yeast, if you use instant yeast you don’t need to proof it.
3 c warm water
½ c sugar
2 eggs
2 tbsp shortening or oil
Rise for 2 hours, or until double.
Punch down, shape into rolls.
I make crescents, bowknots, cloverleafs, and “Bellybutton buns”, my favorite because it’s the easiest.  I just roll the dough into a rectangle, cut strips, tie into a loose knot, and place on the baking pan. 
These were my mother’s traditional buns to make for company supper, often served with fresh garlic butter.  Good memories.

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