Sunday, February 5, 2017

Counting Food

Another funeral...another friend gone.  DH and I were asked to take care of the funeral lunch.  Food is good.  Food gives you something to do while you remember someone who has been a friend of the family for forty years.  And it's something one can do for the family.
My issue is always trying to economically estimate the amount of food needed. Funeral lunch is not science. It is wild guess work.  We figured at least 200.  Shoot for 300.  But I learned something useful.  You know those blue IKEA trays?

Take one cantaloupe
One honeydew melon
Half a small watermelon
One pineapple
I followed the most excellent instructions on this blog and I appreciate the search capabilities of google/images. And people who share how they do stuff.  So I pass it on.

This will feed about 50 or more people. We fed 239 people and only used 3 trays, (and someone brought another plate of fruit) and we did have a big bowl of oranges cut into 1/6s but the family had a beautiful arrangement of fruit to take home.
Now I have to write down how much of everything else was used so I will know how much is needed next time.  Because, unfortunately, there will be a next time, and a next...
Sorry I didn't get a better picture but I was too busy to find my phone until it was saran wrapped over and once the lineup began we were scrambling to keep the food dishes full.

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