Friday, December 9, 2016


Well the worst thing about funerals, after the obvious, is planning the lunch. How many will be there?  It is very cold. Probably less. There is a big family.  Probably more. It's on a Saturday.  Less people are working and therefore may come.
So how much do you prepare? And how crazy do you go with food?
Today I helped a friend who lost a family member.  Her husband is recovering from a stroke and her knee is bad. We threw numbers back and forth. Cold day. Work day. Small family. But Fern was loved by a lot of people. How many? And it had to look nice because if Fern was doing it it would have been done well and she loved pretty.
So we struck a balance. We bought the squares at Costco. Arranged them on pretty serving dishes. And those who could brought sandwiches.  We were dealing with a building with no kitchen so we nixed the cheese-pickle-cracker-olive variety.
 Coffee.  Tea. Juice. A beautiful pitcher of ice water.  You would not believe how many people went for water. We will have to remember that. Sandwiches.  Squares. And a glass bowl of mandarin oranges.  I think we did well for ourselves.
There was enough food.

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