Sunday, September 6, 2015

Slingshotters Beware

What a fiasco. Poor Rachel has been having more than her share of problems lately. She put a stick through her sidewall going out to feed Chalsea's cats. Had to get a new tire. Happily they said she had 100% tread left so it only (!) cost her $50 to replace it.
And then there was the matter of the $278 ticket for shooting target with a recurve bow and arrow out at Cross Lake. Ironically, the night before we were all out at the lake and the ranger stopped and talked to us and mentioned nothing about the bow and arrow. The very next night a couple of rangers marched over and gave her this horrendous ticket for shooting firearms in the park. She was absolutely devastated. 
If she had been asked to put it away that would have sufficed. However, that's how things go. 
So after some weeks of a lot of anxiety she was able to get the ticket waived on the merit of it not being filled out properly. Moot point, but it made her very happy, as the charge was illegal discharge of firearm in a provincial park. Not illegal target practice. Equally foolish perhaps but it doesn't seem as reprehensible  as packing a sawed off shotgun, which we never have had any worry about because we don't own one. 
However we found out a few things that may save trouble in the future. 
1) No projectiles of any sort in a provincial park.
This includes slingshots. Who knew? I have never seen a sign saying no slingshots allowed. But now we know. 
Also, to our surprise,
2) no target practice within Westlock  town limits. This includes our own back yard. Again, who knew? 
Which makes me wonder, what else are we doing wrong that we know naught about?

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