Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Piece of Mountain

Years we took our daughter out of school and spent about a week visiting her grandparents in Kelowna. While we were there she wanted to bring her classmates a gift.  It seemed to be the thing to do. Kids who went to Disneyland or Hawaai came back with a gift for each of their classmates. Alas for us,  Kelowna was not full of clever souvenirs appropriate for grade 2 classmates. We tried,  but nothing seemed just right. A sad little girl accompanied us on the trip home.  On the way through the mountains I had a brainwave. We pulled into a reststop and she and I  counted out enough pieces of rock to give each of her friends a piece of mountain.  She looked dubious at first but warmed to the idea that these little bits of gray shale had once been part of a great mountain in the Rockies. Amazingly enough her friends were thrilled with the concept and although it was not stamped with a logo or a princess picture they were pleased to take home in their hand a piece of something great and majestic. A piece of a mountain. 

Coming home from Kelowna last month with her own family they stopped along the road and she brought me my own piece of mountain. Much more generously sized than when we had to bring 28 samples back.

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