Sunday, July 19, 2015


We sat out on the deck last night,  watched the clouds swirl overhead and discussed hospitality. Why it  can be so hard to invite people over. We came to a number of reasons :
1) it costs money
Sobeit. But it's fun to make people happy. You know, the more happiness in giving idea. Invite someone over and they will feel special and it will give you joy too.  But it doesn't have to be caviar and wild salmon if you don't want it to be. It's just nice to be asked. A cup of coffee and a boughten cookie is a great start. Or toast and jam. It's the fact that you got asked that is so exciting.
2) people are unsure of their cooking skills.
Keep it simple. Make something you know how to. Asking those people whose cooking skills intimidate you is not the time to pull out the recipe for soufflé or cream puffs or whatever you have never ever tried or even seen made. If spagetti and sauce is your thing go ahead and serve that.
3) entertainment
Yeah. Maybe your company doesn't want to play cards or twister or pictionary. So sit and good old fashioned visit.
 worry about the house being clean. Me too. Get everyone you can on the cleaning bandwagon. DH cleans house feverishly  for two reasons. On is because he likes to work. Bonus for me. The other is that he knows that company means,  generally,  better food. But don't  be ocd like I was when we were first married. I used to worry if my sweater drawer was mussed up.  Not that anyone ever looked or cared.
Do the best you can.
Remember that company is about people.  Get yourself a good spagetti/pancake/ bread and jam recipe. Or order in Chinese.  Not cheap but very yummy. And enjoy making someone feel special.

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