Saturday, May 30, 2015

Easy Boiled Eggs

Boiling eggs is pretty basic. Place in water to cover. Turn on high. Boil.

Problem is, people like me tend to be distracted by the next task at hand and come back a half hour later to find the eggs bouncing nervously in a pan threatening to boil dry and the yolks,  while quite done, are an unhealthy and unappetizing shade of green.
So now I put them in the pan with water to cover and turn them on high. I make myself stay right there while it comes to a boil (Instagram or Pintrest will do it) and when the water is bubbling I  leave the cover on,  shut off the burner and walk away. Voila!  Pale yellow yolks and eggs at a temperature that won't remove the skin off my fingertips when I get around to peeling them.

This works for cooking potatoes for salad, or homemade hash browns  too. They don't go all mushy and disintegrate in the water like they do when boiled hard. When they are done (fork tender) simply drain off the water (or use it for making bread) and refrigerate until cold.

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