Friday, May 29, 2015

Beep Beep

Our smoke detector, the double one hard wired into the basement and hallway of our house ran low on battery and began that infernal chirping. The kind that lays in wait and shrieks briefly but effectively into your unsuspecting ear as you pass by, arms full of laundry. But if you try to figure out which one it is it won't chirp until you are distracted and if you stand in front of it surely as spring follows winter it won't chirp until you are compelled to be elsewhere.
Well when the irritation began I went promptly to the little wooden box that Raye built me, where I keep a useful supply of batteries I try to buy on sale and efficiently changed it. Chirp. I tried another. Chirp. And another...surely three new batteries couldn't be defective? Could they?
I had things to do and places to go. Leaving it to its chirping tantrum we left. But it hadn't forgotten how. DH went downtown and for two new batteries paid nearly what you could buy a package of ten or so at Costco. We replaced the upstairs one. Chirp. And I got the brainwave to replace the basement one. While I was replacing it DH thought he would push the test button upstairs. I thought I had ringing in the ear before...oh my! They go off in sync, it appears.
We watched a movie, and one of us would twitch every time it went off.
My son, who knows how many things mechanical, electrical, and/or made of wood work had no suggestions.
Finally I went to my sketchy friend, the Internet. And Google and You Tube. And I no longer have chirping. Thank you technology.
What to type in was amazingly simple...hard wired smoke detector chirping after new battery installed. I did the little song and dance it required to reset the system, taking out the battery, unplugging it and so on, and it still chirped so I asked You Tube the same question. They told me to
blow it out with canned air.
So the moral of the story is that someone out there has had those same issues and survived to post about it. So just ask.
It is so quiet in here. I love it.

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