Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Over Crowding

It's that time of year again when there aren't nearly enough windows in my house for all the things that need a jumpstart on spring.

The spider plants and Boston Ivy as well as the giant ferns pulled through the winter in a garage heated to about 2 degrees C. A few winter burned ends but nothing a pair of sharp shears can't eliminate. So those can go out on nice not-too-windy days.
 An English Ivy and double  patience plant made it through in on a wide north window sill in the basement with a minimum of watering. So my galvanized pail arrangement will continue this year.
Coleus root in little jars of water and are slowly being transplanted to their permanent homes.
I set the pots of wispy little cattail seedlings in larger pots of water and found basement windowsills for them. They should not need to be watered for a month. Well before then I am hoping they can go out.
I have a tomato seedling that I move about from spot to spot. I haven't started any for some time now but this was a gift and therefore most valuable.
I fuss over the caladium bulbs that refuse to sprout and keep checking the calendar to see if my favorite begonia greenhouse, Country Blossoms,  is open yet. It is not. She promised me she would open on May 9 and the calendar is being just like that watched  pot. Shelley grows Illumination Begonias that  provide a jaw dropping floral display every year. So I  wait.

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