Thursday, April 30, 2015

Memories of Fireflies

I am going for the lakeside cottage look on my deck. A large half barrel from Peavy Mart will have to do for the body of water. I am going to try for Cattails a water lily, and two goldfish.    

   . The little fountain I ordered from Costco six years ago is amazingly still working.

At Night

And the little dragonfly lights, solar powered, will be fireflies or dragonflies depending if it is night or day.
I remember the night of the fireflies. It was an extraordinary experience. It was a hot night and we couldn't get to sleep even though it was dark, so it must have been past eleven. Finally we got up and sat on the deck, to enjoy the warm light breeze. The grain was tall enough to sway ever so slightly and mysterious rustlings filled the humid night air with sound.
Then we saw the lights. Hundreds and hundreds of tiny sparks swooping just above the grain. None came close to us. They stayed over the field, rising and falling with the gentle swell of the land and through the trees we could see a delicate flow of them following the creek, twisting and turning a few feet above the water. 
It was surreal. 
We have never seen anything like it before, or since.  Truly worth losing a bit of sleep to.

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