Saturday, April 18, 2015

I Have a Dream

                     Water's Edge
I love water even though I fear it. I don't swim. My idea of a good time is puddle ducking along the edges of wet places. My dream is to live on a lakeshore, with a west side veranda overlooking the water, and a board sidewalk, slightly curving all the way down to a wharf.                              
The sound and sight of little waves lapping at the shoreline is mesmerizing, the wildlife interesting.    There would be big birds like geese, ducks, herons, and all manner of busy slightly noisy waterbirds that I would learn the names of.
If you focus more closely, there are water striders skim the surface, snails rise and fall as they see fit, dragonflies and damselflies swoop to and fro, the wild little black beetles  whirling in crazy circles just under the waters surface, and even closer examination reveals the strange little creatures that people the universe that exists at the bottom of the lake.
A little boat would be a must, easy to pole along the lakeshore. Moving slowly, and sometimes not at all, a person could become part of the scenery and the wild things would carry  on their lives and there would be peace in the motion of the gentle waves and the varying patterns of the clouds far overhead. 

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