Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gift Plant

Sometimes buying yourself flowers is like talking to yourself because you wish to discuss the matter with someone who cares and understands.
We (dh and I ) had a fine supply run into the city ending with a little greenhouse shopping before leaving town. It seems strange to be doing things just the two of us. For forty  some years we have gone shopping with one to five,  or even more little people along.  I miss every one of them. But it's good.


  1. Love these flowers!! And it's nice that you are enjoying the perks of shopping child-free :)

  2. Yes it was nice to not worry about the short little people but the trip was not without it's difficulties. One bale of insulation, quite uncalled for, descended corner first into the large package of croissants from Costco. They were severely damaged but toasted with cream cheese and raspberry jam they were quite fine.