Friday, November 1, 2013

Learning Photoshop Elements

 I love using Photoshop.  I love what it does for my pictures, and the better I learn to use it, the better my scrapbooking becomes. But it took me ages to figure things out.  Didn't know what a layer was, at the very first.  That is a drawback, as layers are extremely valuble tools.  Photoshop contains so many useful features, and out there on the 'web there are many very useful tutorials to teach us things.  But I had an idea that I could incorporate my love of pictures, Photoshop, and our cat Sushi, and if admiring the pictures helps you learn a new technique, that will have accomplished its purpose.
Because if I didn't have Lori, and Lucille, and others, to tell me useful things like control+e to merge two layers and control+g to clip to masks.  Hopefully I will be able to explain it to someone new in a way they can understand it.  If you are interested, check it out at

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