Monday, September 24, 2012

Plant Problems

Noticed aphids on the maiden hair fern in my terrarium.  Nasty.  Then I remembered the ladybugs at the greenhouse we toured this spring, and I was hoping they weren't all asleep for the winter.  Well, our neighbor offered us the potatoes and carrots left in his garden, and I discovered a multitude of ladybugs on the potato vines.  Obviously hungry, as one nipped me on the way into the house.  I dropped a dozen fat hungry ladybugs into the plants and they disappeared.  But then the fern fronds began to move, waving in a very Jurassic park kind of way.  I watched while one hungry little creature cleaned up several aphids, and went back out to dig carrots.  I hope the idea works, as I don't want to have to redo the terrarium.  It's a big one.

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