Monday, September 3, 2012

Capillary Action for Real

Don't you hate it when you put all your plants in pots that don't...wee wee all over your hardwood floor, and then you overwater them and the pot is too big to hold sideways and drain out?  Well, just that happened to my African violet tiered pots.  The little one drains into the middle sized one, and the middle sized one lets all the extra water into the large bottom one.  Inadvertently I over watered.  Strange, because if anything I forget to water.  But just last night I saw a half inch of water over the soil in the big pot.  Oh dear.  Too big to handle, and there's not a chance the violets will use all that water before they die.

So I gave this method a try:
Microfiber cloth, dipped securely into the water
Jug for the cloth to put the water into
Outside flowerbed, to pour the excess water into
Yes, two jugs of water quietly and studiously filled the jug, and it's working on another one, but we are now down to damp earth, and I think my floral arrangement will survive.
I am very pleased.  I hope this helps someone else who goofed with the watering can.

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