Friday, November 4, 2011

Aqua Strippy Apron

Yesterday I had the joy of spending an afternoon in my sewing room, sorting out bits, pieces, and projects for the winter.  In my sorting I found three pieces of aqua or green-blue fabrics with writing on them that I specifically bought.  Also there were sewing projects, unfinished, but no longer valid, some in colors outdated, and a number of quality cotton garments, in pieces.  So many of them matched that I couldn't help myself, and an apron was born.

I made the mistake of using as base to sew to, the center of the bedskirt left over from the slip project.  Bad idea!  Unlike interfacing that stablizes and irons well, this wretched material tried to gum itself to the iron every time I tried pressing.  Well, I went with it anyways, as I had started, but never again.
Using a technique I learned from some string quilting website I overlaid strip over strip, trying to make sure the colors looked good next to eachother.  Eventually the backing began to give me grief on the long strips, so I switched direction, and the serendipitous result is that I will use this idea again, because it looks good, and one can use shorter strips.  It\s all about using it up, right to the little bitty bits.
I backed it with a thin white sheet, turning it inside out and topstitching.  It is a design and a color that makes me very happy.  Another time I may strip right onto the backing and then bind the edges.  Whatever works.

And yes, the cat approves.
Close up of the delightful writing prints:

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