Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Little Girls Slips

My daughter phoned with a request the other day; it seems as though a need for little girls eyelet slips had arisen. I knew I had saved those eyelet scraps and bedskirts with purpose!  So this is how it went.  For the first one I ripped the gathered eyelet off the interfacing fabric of the bedskirt (cost aound a dollar or two at a clearance sale), leaving the gathering intact.  Then I cut a circle of broadcloth, by folding the fabric to a point and cutting off the tip to make a waist line.  The circle looks off center in the picture, but its just the angle.  It really is in the middle. No seams on the sides.  Top and bottom were serged.  I took up growing tucks in between the rows of eyelet.  When it must be lengthened, out come the stitches, and an inch or two is gained.  I overlaid the gathered piece a half inch from the serged edge, and sewed around 3 times to insure the ruffle doesn't easily tear off if stepped on.  I felt just a little peevish to discover I had made nearly a full circle with no thread in the bobbin, but I got over it.  A piece of left over blue and white lace goes around above the ruffle.  Now I am waiting to buy a couple of little girls undershirts to sew this lovely petticoat to.  This will make a very full slip.

                                                                                                                          Then I cut another. The waist measurement is 22 inches, so I made it about 25 inches wide.  Cut the ruffle double and hemmed it, and put growing tucks in this one, too.  This one, too, is waiting for a little undershirt to sew it to.

                                    Finally I adapted a pyjama pant pattern to make a pair of elastic waist bloomers, eyelet as well, that can be used like a slip.  Little girls take a delightfully small amount of fabric to make things for.  The pale blue bow on the front makes it easier to see which way to put them on.

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