Thursday, March 17, 2011

Box Cake

Now here is one of my coolest ideas.  Ever want to send a cake to some do, but either are afraid that the pan won’t come back, that some overzealous cake cutter will gouge your best pan, or maybe you have to provide more cakes than you own cake pans for? 

Well, here is your answer.  Bake it in a box.  No, you won’t likely have a fire in the oven.  Remember that novel some of us had to read in high school; Fahrenheit 451? So keep the oven heat down to 350 or less.   You use muffin papers, don’t you?

I like to line the box with parchment paper because it feels cleaner, but waxed paper would likely do, or aluminum foil.  If the box is glued up, like some soup or pop trays are, it is wise to tie a string around it, as the glue melts and the cake pushes out sideways in a most untidy fashion. 

 What a joy to not worry about the return of a pan, on both the giving and the receiving end.  And convincing people that, yes, you definitely did bake the cake in the box makes for interesting conversation . 

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