Sunday, May 14, 2017

Shelley's Begonias

So we went to the opening of Country Blossom's Greenhouse Saturday morning. There were too many people about and I  got too shy to take pictures. So this is the one I brought home.  There were none of the beautiful Illumination begonias, the orange ones that I like to grow.  As a small producer she doesn't have priority at the supplier, and that particular brand is falling out of favor. I feel badly on both counts.  Illumination is a fantastic hanging begonia. And Shelley's greenhouse is not big. She does much of the work herself.  But it is meticulously cared for and every plant is in prime shape.
People have told me that her tomatoes are much cheaper than elsewhere. And her pansy collection is pretty nice too.
She also tells me she has the starry skies petunia but I  had missed it and was too overwhelmed to go back and search it out. So I probably missed a lit of good stuff.
I am hoping to go back when it's not crowded with opening day crowds with enough time to savor the sights of every aisle.

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