Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spring Fever

Spring is coming.  I'm sure it is.  The crows are back in town.  I saw a goose flying. The chickadees are singing their spring song.
And the planning of gardens has begun.  I have been stretching the borders of Pintrest to the limit.  Last year I tried hypertufa.  Fail.  It disintegrated.
So this year I bought cement I love working with it.  My heart beats faster when I hear the distinctive sound of a cement truck revving its motor.
So after my son made cement counter tops for their kitchen I decided I would play with the real stuff.
First bag I bought was PostHaste from Home Depot.  A little coarse,  but very real. I made the bumpy jar and the doily pot and the ice cream container with it.  There is a problem with cement bags.  They don't hold a lot.

Next bag was mortar.  I made the cement hands (stuffing cement into plastic gloves is not as easy as Pintrest nonchalantly insinuates it is).  I lost a little finger.  Not mine;  a cement one.  Then I made the basket thing the hands are on.  Lost the basket in the unmolding.  Oh well.
But I didn't like the round edges on the cement hands where the wrists should be.  So I but a few inches of cuff and sleeve off an old cotton sweater, stuffed the middle part, soaked it in cement and dressed up the hands.  The broken finger got cemented underneath  and the whole thing is aging in the garage.  I will post more pictures when I get things planted up.
I do love cement pots.  They are heavy but they don't blow around the yard much on a breezy day.
There are some terrific tutorials out there.  Little video clips that make me hyperventilate in delight. I research and research and pin and screen shot until my device batteries croak.  A word about these projects...everything I tried so far worked but there are some issues; a chip out of the bottom of the smooth round pot.  And the doily just isn't sitting flat.  It's tippy.  I think I will make up a little saucer of cement and set it in for a base.
So one has to think ahead a little bit.  Something I'm not terribly gifted at doing.  But I'll make it work.
Happy as a pig in mud...or Gramma D in the cement.

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