Saturday, February 11, 2017

Find it With Google Photos

I used to think that finding pictures on negatives was hard.  All that squinting and shuffling.  And my eyes were good in those days.
I thought that digital would be so easy to keep track of.  Alas.  Not only do we take hundreds more pictures, they are on, let's see...old camera, new camera, the 32GB card, the 3GB card, the 8 GB card, the old computer, a variety of cds, even some floppy discs, memory sticks...oi! Just try track those down.
So with my phone, which is an android, I have discovered something which both fascinates me and creeps me out.  It's called Google Photos, and while I can't quite describe exactly how to make it work, all my phone pictures go there. And then Google asks me who people are and remembers it (the creepy part).  But it also recognizes food, pickup trucks, rain, flowers, birds, cats,  places like Edmonton, Barrhead county, and so on, and dates they were taken. All the way back to 2014, when I started using it. So you can search by those and many more categories. Occasionally it makes a mistake.  It said my grandson, on the couch wrapped in a leopard spot minky blanket was a cat, and occasionally mistakes other things, but sometimes you just have to look carefully, and, sure enough, even though you took a picture of a tree, there is indeed a pickup in there somewhere.  See how well Google did in bringing up these pictures by category. And the joy of this is when you are wanting to scrapbook something that you are sure you got a picture of you can search for it several different ways.  Even by colour.
Now if I can figure out how to put pictures from the 3, 8, and 32 GB camera cards onto it too...
Maybe I should Google it and learn how.

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