Sunday, February 19, 2017


I truly wish I had the answers.  I like to fix things. But some things...many things...Probably most things are beyond the scope of what needle thread and crazy glue can mend.
I wish there was a recipe for happy that would work as well as a cup of strong tea for a headache or a bowl of chicken soup for a cold. Haven't found one yet.
It seems that we probably can't change some of the things that cause depression and unhappiness.  What we have to do is adjust how we react to the situation so we can keep our head out of water.
I've been told about rip tides. Fortunate enough not to have experienced but I've been told that they drag one out into the ocean without mercy and there is no swimming against that current. But if you swim parallel to shore eventually you can get beyond it'd influence and get back to shore.
Unhappiness is going to drag you down and out too. All I can think of to say is don't panic as you see the shoreline receding. Do what you have to do,  whether it is counseling,  prayer,  medication, vitamin d, and/or therapy and swim parallel to shore.  Don't panic.  You can do it.
Conversely something that I have experienced are hot flashes in the night. Likewise without mercy they leave one uncomfortable sometimes to the point of nausea. Occasionally one can quell it by sticking ones feet out from the covers. Sometimes by getting up for a drink of water and waiting it out,  bare feet on a cold tile floor,  staring out the window at a dimly lit backyard and wishing it was gone. And then as suddenly as it came it is gone and the prospect of warm blankets is a welcome thought. And sleep comes again. Things pass.
And that is my advice to someone I love who deals with spells of Unhappiness. I wish I  had the fix it app to make it better. But I give you the suggestion that works for me and my wish is that it might help you too. When you have done what you know you can then ride it out. Swim hard but with purpose. There is no instant fix. I have no idea what medication or therapy will help. Some things you must work out for your personal circumstance. But once you have done this  you must know it will pass. The sun shines on the other side of the clouds and when they part it will shine on you too. Honest.
And my advice is not gospel. Maybe it's ridiculous.  But that's what works for me and I hope it works for you too. Because I truly care.

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