Monday, July 18, 2016

Old Salad Recipes and Sweet Memories

One day I was in a meancleaning mood and my attention turned to one of the many bookcases in my house.  The cookbook one, specifically.  Out with this one.  Out with that.  Then I took down the binder that my mother had put together of recipes culled from newspaper articles, relatives, neighbours, and whatever other source there was.
In those days you couldn't say "OK Google" or "Siri, what is the recipe for..."
But what my mother didn't have filed away in her head or her binder she would know how to research it, or who to ask about it. And now she is gone.
But I have Google.  So I opened the binder to say goodbye to the yellowed  newspaper clippings and collections of booklets from the home economist. And there were recipes handwritten by her.
Carefully copied out in her dainty handwriting.  And I felt her hand and I saw her face with my heart and for the love of all that is clean, tidy, and uncluttered I could not bring myself to throw out my mothers handwriting.  So to make myself feel better I threw out a handful of little recipe booklets and kept all she had carefully copied or cut and pasted (with scissors and glue, not CONTROL + X and CONTROL + V} and I share a couple of recipes that I had to make black and white to make the faded blue ink show.
Enjoy. My mother loved to share.

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