Monday, May 9, 2016


It's been almost a week since Terrible Tuesday. Rachel has been home since Friday but every morning when I get up, on my way to make coffee, I give her door a little nudge and smile to see her sleeping face on her pillow. Things could have been so much worse.
And then I reflect on how I thought the summer was going to be crazy busy helping her plan her wedding and moving her up to Fort McMurray. Now we are still unsure of what there is for her to move up to, and where they could live. Suddenly the important things snap into focus. They are all alive. They have clean underwear. They have a change of clothes. Everything else will happen.
So now the focus is on getting jobs here. A place to live. Etc. The wedding supper is the least of my concern right now.
And a BTW. Our thanks to the organized people in Lac La Biche who helped so many out, including our little group who went through.

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