Sunday, April 17, 2016

The First Daffodil

On the farm I had a huge garden and a hundred foot long flowerbed  (that was a grave error on my part and a LOT of work) but I  grew just about everything I put my mind to. Except tulips and daffodils. Try as hard as I  could, in 32 years maybe 3 blooms ever graced the space. Now,  in town where neighborhood trees and houses and fences cramp my gardening atyle severely, I  have tulips and daffodils to bring joy to my life. 
I miss my vegetable garden. My daughter phoned to ask seeding advice and to tell me they were heading for a garden center and my heart swelled like a bean in a sprouting dish.  Yup. The old feelings are still there. Just a little dried up from the lack of garden space in town.  Maybe I  could sneak a zucchini plant into a flowerbed somewhere.
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