Monday, March 14, 2016

Reuse Recycle Upcycle Etc

My mother was, I am sure , one of the most enthusiastic advocates of Reuse Upcycle and Makeover. She would have been alternately thrilled and horrified by Pintrest. None of her doilies would have glued around a mason jar. No useable teapot would have been relegated to flowerpot status. But their old kettles which began to leak would be hung upside down on a post of the chicken fence and birds happily nested in them.
So when I relegated this old Pyrex teapot to house a baby tears plant I felt a twinge of guilt. Indeed, it took more than a year of realizing I would never make tea in it but it brought me so much joy to look at that it would be a waste not to keep it in full, useful glory on my windowsill. Along with (gasp) three bean pots. With dirt and plants in them.

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