Monday, December 14, 2015

Making Soup with Mashed Potatoes

Who says we have to quit learning? I learned something fantastic after a potluck anniversary supper from the hostess.  I have a hard time making people eat the leftover mashed potatoes I try so very hard to heat up in an appetizing way.
I made some disparaging remark about mashed potatoes being good only for adding to bread dough and Sarah said "Haven't you ever made potato soup with mashed?"
No, actually, I hadn't.  But I tried it and it was good. Then, last Sunday morning when I quickly made up a pot of hamburger-soup I was a little short on time for peeling potatoes, which the recipe doesn't call for but I like to add.  I had almost 2 cups of leftover mashed and I just popped them in and stirred until they disappeared.  Marvelous use for something that otherwise sits around until its old enough to dispose of.
Thank you Sarah!  Best tip ever.

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