Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Shower Brought to you by Pintrest, Corina, and the Colour Pink

My nephew and his wife had a baby girl recently and friends of ours put on the pink-est girlie-est most pinteresty shower I have attended in all my life. It oozed pintrest.
The "high tea" effect was very elegant, and the guys appreciated the plain white tables set to the side complete with playing cards and visiting space.  They had no issue with disposable plates and got to help us deal with all the calorie rich goodies.
The ratty tacky plastic chairs were very fancy with the satin overcovers and pink chiffon bows.  The pretty things were rented from a company in St Albert that I understand is named Knotwood Event Rentals.  Aside from the fact that it was beautiful I loved it that we just scooped them up after and sent them back because the washing is done by them. Lovely indeed.
I like it when the guys are included in baby showers.  We drove a hundred miles to attend and where would have dh stayed until it was time to go to his sister's house for turkey supper? Yes, we did well for ourselves yesterday.

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