Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Palletwood at its Finest

So Cheryl finally got her table and bench (bench not pictured) so they can have all the food on the table at supper time without resorting to dangerous balancing of baking sheets of oven fries on taller items to make it work.  So it is made of palletwood,  as are many pieces of furniture about their home is.
But it does not cater to the shabby chic look that sometimes can be very charming. (David refuses to do shabby chic. ) This was made from the heavy pieces on the pallet, the big square chunks. They were glued together with careful thought as to the grain. Over the years David and I haved  both loved the variety and design of every piece of wood ever sliced through. I think he used it to advantage in this table.
And the bench at the back fits a lot of little children,  and is comfy enough for big people too.

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