Sunday, August 16, 2015

Summer Pickles

I gleaned this pickle recipe from relatives up in Slave Lake. A great souvenir from two days of boating, visiting,  and eating wonderful food. Including these pickles. So here goes. Easy. And you don't need canning lids. Just eat them up as you make them. You don't need much more than overnight to marinade them.
My mother used to make these with just salt and they would sour up much like sauerkraut  but  although I have her little crock I  have thrown away too many moldy cucumbers to even try it any more. I now keep coffee grounds and filters in said crock.

3 qrts water plus 3+3/4 cup water
I qrt pickling vinegar
1 cup salt levelled with the curved side of  something with quite a curve to level it.
Heat up brine so salt dissolves.
Pour over veggies in jar. Onions. Cauliflower.  Peppers. Carrots and large cucumbers should be sliced thinly.
One could put in garlic and hot peppers too.
Good to go after about 8 hours.

So. Talked to my son last night and he gave me a great idea. One could do this to veggies a week before, or the night before, having company to produce a fabulous picked vegetable platter.  And what isn't used can just be put back into the brine. Sounds like fun.

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