Sunday, September 21, 2014

Inchies Twinchies and Tangles

I have discovered some very cool art projects in the last few days. One is inchies.  On a square one inch by one inch can be decorated with drawing or collaged with a fantastic assortment of bits and pieces. The sky's the limit. Truly. An inch seems far too small until you focus on it. It is really amazingly big enough.

Oops,,,how embarrasing...these are actually b'twinchies, around an inch and a half in size.  My using a metric ruler and converting to imperial was a fail as regards one inch.  But they are cute nonetheless.

But one may want to try twinchies. Guess how big? Yes. Two inches square but actually four times as
big. Palatial in comparison.
So my idea is...good watercolor/drawing paper is expensive. So why could one not whack off a sheet into 1 and 2 inch squares, or a rectangle the size of a baseball card (they sell pocket holders binder shèet size for these) and don't be afraid to try things or let the kids draw and paint on paper that makes the very core of your soul tingle with satisfaction?
Without breaking the bank at an art supply store.
My other discovery: tanglepatterns. They claim that doodling is not necessarily the same but there are suggestions for fantastic and beautiful forms reminiscent of seashells and succulents.  Quite delightful.

 Trinchies and Tangles

You can try googling tanglepatterns and phicops for a start. There are some good tutorials out there.

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  1. Neat idea, Mom! Have you seen the idea of making a paper patchwork quilt with all the little drawings?