Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finish It Into Something, Already

Well, down in my sewing cave one day I took stock of started projects and ran across this one. It was supposed to be a quilt. Something went wrong. There it sat on the shelf in all its textile glory, making me feel guilty. I make no claim to be a math genius but this was ridiculous. Did I really want to pick out all that sewing? No. I picked up one section of it, and it felt so wonderful to the touch. About the right size for...a grocery bag! So I found my webbing, and have now done three of them. The mistakes are easier to hide in two sections rather than twelve. WHAT was I thinking?
Oh well, I have the makings for stunning grocery bags, and an empty spot on the sewing shelf. I have got to get some of these projects finished and useable. This is a fine start. And as usual, it has been cat scanned, and passed.

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