Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Garden Tips

Well, I seem to have picture storage issues, so I can't put a picture up.  But I do have some gardening tips.  This time of year in this part of the world, frost is an unfortunate reality.  It does keep spiders, beetles, and other such critters to a manageable size, but it's very hard on bedding plants.
So we set plants out on warm mornings to get them used to the harshness of the outdoors, and when temperatures plummet, haul them back in, leaving dribble marks on floors, stains on tablecloths, to say nothing of the aching back.  So something I have found, is that if I set the little containers in a bigger one, say three basket stuffers into a little pail, and clip said pail's handle with a clothes pin to keep it in an upright position, it makes whisking the plants into the house much easier.  And they won't leak on the floor.  Or a box, but bigger than the little flats the greenhouses hand out.  Line with a plastic garbage bag to keep them from sogging out.  Take heart, it's only for a month or so, and then they will be transplanted into the huge pots or the garden, and all will be well.
Another idea is to use coffee filters to line the bottom of little pots.  It doesn't block drainage, but won't let the dirt sift out.  Used or new, your choice!  Now, this one is not my idea; I read it years ago in a hint book, but I have used it over and over again, and it is so convenient.

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