Friday, April 20, 2012

Button Necklace

Well, it was Sarah who introduced me to Pintrest, and I found so many neat ideas there, and I thought I would share something I made years ago from buttons off my dad's work shirts.  They were plaid flannel, and very warm, and mostly the buttons were speckled, and I loved them.  One day I was visiting my mother and looking for a button in her button jar, and I picked out a half cup (by measure, actually) of these buttons, half speckled and half not.  I begged them off her and strung them onto doubled upholstery thread.  It just slips over the head.  

To make it, cut your thread extra long, put your buttons in a row, and begin to thread.  Down through the right hole of the top button and through the left hole of the bottom button.  The necklace is in two layers, and the buttons overlap somewhat like well built legos.
I tried and failed to do it with four hole buttons.  Too finickity, but maybe one day I will make it work.
And another idea I found out there that looks adorable, the trinket necklace.  Check it out.
trinket necklace


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