Monday, December 19, 2011

Plans for the Summer

I dream of summer.
Even though summer is directly behind us, I can’t wait for next summer. I have this new fence in the back yard, and I am breathless with the possibilities of a yard quite a bit more private than the way it was the first four years. I want a bicycle on the wall like Jay and Anna have. Well, I may have to settle for some other wire art object, as the only large flat wire bike I’ve ever seen for sale was in Florida, and not easily transportable home. Maybe cattails. Peavey Mart had them last year.
And I will have begonias (my favourite greenhouse person, Shelley, is getting yellow ones this year) and coleus. And patience plants. And three or four more Saskatoon bushes. And something that is about 6 feet tall and blooms pretty. And rocks. Big ones, three of them.
Sometimes the best gardens are those that grow in our minds, where the dirt doesn’t cost, the plants don’t dry out, the weeds don’t grow, and everything blooms like it was posing for seed catalogue pictures.
Some web sites I’ve been perusing and making plans from:

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  1. Don't forget the stuff they have at Millcreek Nursery...(shiver of anticipation...)