Monday, April 11, 2011

Teddy Bear coming

When making bread or buns and there is a little dough, about a loaf's worth, left over, it is the perfect time to make a teddy bear for some child. This one is for Samantha. I will post the picture as soon as it is baked.

Note to self: raisins do not bake gracefully into bear eyes.  Perhaps add after baking.


  1. Very cute. I know two little nieces who would love it. But alas they are allergic to wheat and milk so would you happen to have a gluten and casein free version handy?

  2. Well, I haven't done much bread baking for celiacs, but my guess is that you could get a mix that is gluten free, prepackaged, and then use the dough to build the bear; two large balls for the head and belly,6 smaller balls for the ears, hands, and feet. My gluten free cooking has been limited to making biscuits with rice and tapioca flour, and gravy with potatoe flour for friends who need it. But as it is becoming a more prevelant problem I should collect some yummy recipes for them, too.